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Test of Proficiency-Chinese language for Feng Chia University’s foreign students

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the Test of Proficiency-Chinese language will take place on 2/19 or 2/26(just need to choose one), please sign up first in the Chinese department which is in 8th floor Ren Yan building the day before the test.

【2/19 test】
日期Date: Tue., Feb 19, 2013
時間Time: p.m. 14:10~15:00
地點Place: Ren Yan 701 & 703

【2/26 test】
日期Date: Tue., Feb 26, 2013
時間Time: p.m. 17:10~18:00
地點Place: Ren Yan 701 & 703

Please attend the test so they can put you in the appropriate Chinese level class. Please arrive 10 minutes before the test starts, the seats with names will be announced then. Test types are listening, reading and writing.

the test result will be announced the day after the test, and if you are in the international class, please go the Chinese department so they can add you in the international class(you can't add by yourself), but if you are in the Taiwanese class, you will have to choose a Chinese class that suits your schedule by yourself.

If you don't take the test, you will have to choose the Taiwanese class.