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2013/3/20 BIBA Topic Speech

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2013/3/20 BIBA Topic Speech 2013/3/20 BIBA Topic Speech

Speaker:Dr. Chyong-fang Ko
Chairman & Professor, Institute of European and American Studies , Academia Sinica

TOPIC: Gender-role expectations and fertility rates in EU member states

The lecture aims using data from the EVS2008 to investigate gender-role expectations and associations with fertility rates in EU member states. Countries with higher income and higher female employment rates tend to have higher fertility rates. Countries with higher fertility rates tended to have higher percentages of live births outside of marriage, suggesting a decline in traditional families. Gender gaps were smaller in countries with higher income and/or higher fertility rates. In wealthy Western societies, children are no longer produced primarily to extend family lines or valued as support for old age. For women, children and careers now go hand-in-hand.

Location:6th Conference Room in Ren Yen B1