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Advising List for Class Activity

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There are two mentors for freshmen and sophomores

Freshmen: Dr.Littlefield & Dr.Huang

Sophomores : Director Liang and Dr.Onge

please see the attachment for the advising list

The mentor for the international junior students is Director Liang

Attachment List

  • sophomore Dr.LiangpdfDownload,opened with new window. (File size: 37.0KB, Updating Date: 2013/07/30, Download: 956Times)
  • sophomore Dr.OngepdfDownload,opened with new window. (File size: 38.0KB, Updating Date: 2013/07/30, Download: 1028Times)
  • Freshmen listpdfDownload,opened with new window. (File size: 49.0KB, Updating Date: 2013/09/11, Download: 1003Times)