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BIBA Procedures for Overseas Course Selection and Transcript Determination

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Within two weeks of the start of a new semester, students enrolled in overseas classes must submit their course selection form and syllabus for each class to the class advisor first, after the class advisor approves the courses, students should send the course selection form, syllabus and confirmation letter from the class advisor to the teaching assistant(TA). Course credits shall not be credited for those who fail to comply with this regulation.

After the director signs the course selection form, it will be sent to the Registration and Curriculum Section.

The Registration and Curriculum Section will complete the necessary course selection procedures. If the student wishes to revise his or her course selection after the course selection procedures have been completed by the Registration and Curriculum Section, he or she must fill in the “Overseas Course Revision Application Form”. As stipulated in FCU’s regulations, if the student withdraws from a course after FCU’s set midterm examination period, the withdrawal shall be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Please provide an original transcript. If paper transcripts are unavailable (for example, as only online transcripts are possible), please use the ‘print screen’ method to provide a screenshot of the transcript.

The TA will handle transcript conversion in accordance with the “Feng Chia University Guidelines for Overseas Studies and Enrollment Processing”. The director will sign the document.

The transcript will be sent to and registered with the Registration and Curriculum Section.

If the student has any misgivings regarding the selected courses before going overseas, he or she should meet with the TA to plan the course selection.

Please note:
1.Whenever possible, corresponding courses will be FCU’s existing courses, for a maximum of 3 credits.
2.For each individual language course, a maximum of 2 credits will be counted. For language courses, a maximum of 6 course credits can be included in the credits required for graduation.
3.To be exempt from a required course, liberal arts course, physical education or military training, please provide notification in advance.