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Personal Information Protection Agreement for Feng Chia University Students

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Article 1: Due to the administrative responsibilities necessary for the implementation of educational objectives and management of student information, Feng Chia University (hereafter referred to as “School”) deems it necessary to collect personal information, including course program records, attendance records, campus extra-curricular activities, and other services and business matters attended to while at School.

Article 2: The School will handle my School-related personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, other relevant government laws and regulations, as well as any related legislation of the School.

Article 3: The School will continue to keep my School-related personal information after I am no longer at the School. Except for personal information application requests, information necessary for the management of the School’s administrative duties, or a governmental requirement that is in accordance with the law, the School shall not provide my personal information to any individual or organization.

Article 4: With respect to maintaining alumni relations, all educational and labor administrative matters will be handled in accordance with the law. In order to assist in the promotion of school objectives, I agree to provide and, when necessary, update my personal information. The information will only be used for the aforementioned purpose.

Article 5: With respect to my personal information, and in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, I am entitled to exercise the following rights: to check or read my information, to copy my information, to supplement or correct my information, to request that the School cease collecting, processing or using my information, and to request that information, in whole or in part, be deleted.

Article 6: I understand that not providing personal information will affect the School’s related business and service activities.

Article 7: In order to ensure the protection of personal information, the School takes responsibility for implementing the Personal Information Protection Act. In a situation where the use of my personal information does not fall within the scope of this agreement, my consent must be obtained in advance.
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