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The business section of Feng Chia University was founded in 1976, and was officially renamed the College of Business (COB) in 1980. The FCU College of Business currently has more than 40,000 alumni, and is one of the oldest and largest business colleges in Taiwan.

The college offers 9 bachelor degree programs, 1 continuing education degree program, 10 Master's degree programs, and 3 Ph.D degree programs. In addition, the College of Business has 7 research centers that provide academic services to faculty and students.

The undergraduate programs include Accounting, Business Administration, Cooperative Economics, Economics, International Business Administration, International Trade, Marketing, Public Finance and Statistics . The graduate programs offers concentrations in Accounting, Business Administration, Cooperative Economics, Economics, Financial and Economic Law, International Trade, Public Finance, Statistics and Actuarial Science, Cooperative Economics, and Management of Technology. The COB also offers International MBA Program (IMBA) that cultivates internationally competitive professional managers and leaders. Lastly, the PhD program offers specialties in Business, Economics, and Applied Statistics.

Student enrollment across the various programs in 2011 is around 5,000 students. Presently the COB has 118 full-time faculty members, of which 107 possess doctoral degrees.

Environment and Location

The College of Business is one of the eight colleges in Feng Chia University. It is housed in a twelve-story building to accommodate the growing student population of the COB. The COB building provides facilities such as computer labs, research labs, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, a case study teaching room, and a VIP room for guests.

Feng Chia University is located in Taichung City, in the central part of Taiwan, and is about 81 miles from the capital Taipei. Taichung City is a developing and vibrant city and is considered the third largest in Taiwan; it enjoys an annual average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The city is accessible by plane with its new Taichung International Airport, by train (Taiwan Railway and the High Speed Rail Train), by car, and by public buses. Feng Chia is located west of Taichung city and  nearby the renowned Feng Chia night market, a tourist spot that offers various food selections and merchandise that caters to different crowds.

School System

Feng Chia University maintains a two-semester (autumn & spring) school system. The autumn semester starts from September and ends at January the following year, while the spring semester starts in February and ends in June. The winter vacation takes place around January to February, while summer vacation spans from mid-June to mid-September.

It typically requires 4 years for a undergraduate program to be completed, 2 years for a master’s degree program, and 2 to 7 years for a Ph.D. program. For more information, please visit the respective websites for each individual program.

Elite Internship Project

In order to help educate students in strengthening their abilities to integrate theory and practice, the Alumni Liaison and Job Placement Office have coordinated with the College of Business in designing Elite Internship Project. The Project aims to develop personal professions, increase students' competencies, and pave opportunities for students' careers. Based on their Projects of study and upon evaluation, students are granted internships with various enterprises during summer vacations. The College of Business has developed a solid reputation among local companies hiring graduates in various areas, including banking, securities, insurance, and other business areas.


Feng Chia has signed cooperation contracts with Fudan University in Shanghai, Xiamen University, Zhe Jiang University, and Dongbei University of Finance & Economics. According to the reciprocal policy, academic and scholarly exchanges will take place between Feng Chia and each of these Universities. The College has also signed similar contracts with Wichita State University, University of California - San Bernardino (UCSB), University of South Carolina, and Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne (Burgundy School of Business and University of Paisley).

These collaborative efforts will give faculty members and graduate students chances to participate in international conferences abroad. At the moment, local students may apply for the Hanhai Scholarship to study abroad and have their tuition and boarding fees waived for a month. Feng Chia University has also attracted many international students; in year 2011 there are approximately 300 international students from 24 countries enrolled in the College of Business. The number of international student applicants has grown every year.