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FCU Summer Camp - Successful

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FCU’s Bachelor of International Business Administration Program (BIBA) is an all-English program, which is sponsored by Ministry of Education.. BIBA held an all-English 2-day camp for high school students on July 9, 46. Students come from 24 different high schools and Chinese language centers learned about marketing, law, and Greater China.

During the camp’s opening ceremony, Hsin-Yu Liang, director of BIBA, briefly introduced the courses and goals of the camp, and encouraged students to make the most of this of learning experience. During the two days camp, courses related to marketing, intellectual property, law, and Greater China were instructed by Professor Ting-Hsiang Tseng from the Department of International Trade, Professor Wei-Lin Wang from the Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law, and Professor Alex Littlefield from the Department of International Trade. The instructors encouraged the students to be creative, work as a team and share their ideas to build up a good learning environment. In this camp, the students not only gain knowledge, but also get the idea of BIBA’s teaching style and BIBA’s learning environment.

A student expressed the following thought during the ending ceremony, “This camp gave me more information about the university, and it also broadens my horizon.” During the camp students would think about their future, and some of them even dreamt to become international business managers. Another student said, “Although it is a challenge for us to study in an all-English environment, we really benefit a lot from it.” Furthermore, current students from BIBA who served as team leaders in this camp also learned how to communicate effectively. Ken, a BIBA student, said, “I learned how to communicate with the students, and this helped me to be able to work very well during this camp.” Christopher Apollo Rodriguez, a foreign student in BIBA, mentioned “The first BIBA Summer Camp was very a successful endeavor. The high school students truly seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great first attempt to promote the BIBA program to potential Taiwanese students.”

This is the first time BIBA held an all-English camp for high school students; the goal of this camp is to help the high school students have a chance to learn the issues of Greater China in a relaxing environment, and also learn the feature of BIBA’s teaching style and the elective courses in BIBA. In the future, this camp will also receive assistance from the students of the Leadership Honors Program (students from different departments).The students in this honors program can improve their communication and management ability. Through the summer camp, the high school students can have a look at the BIBA program and know more about BIBA and encourage these prospective students to come to FCU and study in BIBA.