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Test of Proficiency-Chinese language for Feng Chia University’s foreign students

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1. All foreign students enrolled at FCU must take the Test of Proficiency-Chinese language.Those foreign students who do not take this examination shall not be permitted to enroll in FCU’s Chinese-language courses.
2. Those foreign students will be allocated into different level Chinese-language classes,‘Entry’,‘Medium’ or ‘Advanced’,which based on the results of their Test of Proficiency-Chinese language in the second semester of the 2013.
3. After-school tutoring is required by foreign students :
i. Entry level students must accept five hours tutoring a week.
ii. Medium level students must accept three hours tutoring a week.
*Attendance rate and academic performance will be accounted for 10% of semester scores.
4. The Chinese Proficiency Test will be held on:
Date: 04/01/2014(Date/Month/Year)
Place:104 room,商學大樓 ( Shāng xué Building )