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Undergraduate Program & Courses

Undergraduate Program & Courses

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The goal of the department is to cultivate students with four core competencies (FACT):

l  Financial Knowledge

Students possess basic financial knowledge and ability.

l  Attitude and Ethics

Students demonstrate awareness of financial ethics and attitudes under in any financial setting.

l  Communication

Students are effective communicators.

l  Information Technology Skills

Students solve and analyze problems using their skills in information technology.


In keeping with the globalization of the economy, and the complex interaction between international financial markets, departmental teaching and research focuses on diverse areas, including corporate finance, behavioral finance, investment, financial institution management, international finance and financial derivatives.


Due to the integration of financial product design, financial services, information technology and corporate governance, the Finance Department cooperates with the university’s College of Business (Graduate Institute of Statistics and Actuarial Science and Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law). The result is an integrated approach to teaching financial knowledge and skills that helps our students develop unique and versatile professional talent.