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ISTM TA Training - The Importance of Emotional Management

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ISTM TA Training - The Importance of Emotional Management ISTM TA Training - The Importance of Emotional Management

 ISTM TA Training - The Importance of Emotional Management

The first TA training of ISTM (International School of Technology and Management) of this semester was held on October 31, 2014, led by Dr. Ting-Hsiang Tseng, Director of BIBA. The topic for discussion is “The Importance of Emotional Management.” 10 Teaching Assistants (TAs) participated in the discussion, including ISTM’s Teaching Assistants (full-time TAs and graduate students) and TAs who only offer in-class advice and support.

During discussions, the TAs shared their experiences of having emotional reactions when teaching. For example, a TA felt frustrated when students failed to understand what she was teaching, no matter how many times she had explained it to them. Regarding this matter, some of the TAs suggested that it could be that those students are not equipped with basic knowledge. Without basic knowledge, the students certainly cannot understand advanced learning.

Moreover, it was agreed by the TAs that students frequently chat and pay no attention to them in the training class. The TAs came up with some tips that would be helpful for improving it: (1) Lead students to think about and discuss the meaning of taking classes. Make them realize that the purpose of taking classes is to learn. If they keep talking all the time, they will not be able to acquire the knowledge they need; (2) Be friends with students, join their conversation, and listen to what they are saying; (3) Ask students to solve problems in front of the whole class constantly. Students will concentrate more on the teaching in order not to lose face in front of other students when being asked a question; (4) Talk about current events with students to redirect their attention back. Give them a short break if they keep chatting and disrupting the class.

ISTM’s TAs shared their experiences and thoughts about teaching. They have learned that it is be no good showing emotions to students. When anger or other negative emotions occur, it is better to manage them and calm down. According to Director Ting-Hsiang Tseng, when students make unreasonable demands, the TA should make them understand that a TA is not the students’ tutor and correct their misconceptions.