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Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center

Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center

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Taiwan has repeatedly witnessed the destructive powers of Mother Nature, such as earthquakes and typhoons, as well as torrential rains and major debris flows. In 1999, FCU’s College of Construction and Development founded the Construction and Disaster Prevention Research Center (CDPRC). The Center is comprised of professionals from a number of fields, including Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, and Water and Soil Conservation.

The Center’s main research fields include:

u  Emergency response mechanisms

u  Debris and flood disaster prevention

u  Wireless monitoring systems which measure river depth, river flow, and debris flow etc.

u  Monitoring technology for hydraulic structures

u  Legislation regarding National Land Planning

u  Bridge scouring

u  Calculating river sediments

u  Coastal subsidence technologies, including amphibious houses, fish farm aquaponics, and saline agriculture, etc.

u  Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV): the use of UAVs to transport digital cameras and video recording equipment to build topographic digital surface models (DSM) through aerial triangulation, as well as assess landslide areas and measure sediment deposits.

u  Ecological development: The CDPRC strives to foster a concrete practice of environmental responsibility that is based on a balanced relationship between the natural ecology and the food chain. To this end, we have successfully established a low-cost and healthy/non-toxic fisheries technology that eliminates the need for injections of drugs or chemicals. In fact, the fish output passes more than five hundred kinds of pesticides and drug residue testing. After the breeding process, the water is completely without pollution and returned to Mother Nature in its original pristine state.