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ISTM TA Training - Innovative Teaching

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ISTM TA Training - Innovative Teaching ISTM TA Training - Innovative Teaching

 ISTM TA Training - Innovative Teaching

The third ISTM TA Training for this semester was held on November, 18, 2014, by Assistant Professor Dr. An-An Chiu. A total of eleven ISTM’s Teaching Assistants (TAs) participated in the training, including TAs who lead training classes (full-time TAs and graduate students) and TAs who only offer in-class advice and support. Dr. Chiu shared her innovative teaching methods with the participants.

Contemporary technology has had a tremendous influence on students’ learning. The Internet, for instance, has become a fundamental way of learning and a vital part of the education process. According to education experts, there are three skills students must learn to survive in the changing social environment:

1.          Reading Comprehension: In today’s digital world, students may find information easily and quickly. It is important for the educators to teach students how to read and digest the information.

2.          Information Searching: Knowing how to obtain information is an important skill because in today’s world those who gain knowledge grasp the chance.

3.          Knowledge Identification: Upon finding the information, students have to learn to critically identify and evaluate it. As teachers we can support our students to develop the skill of independent thinking and the ability to critique and challenge.

During the training, Dr. Chiu introduced several kinds of software applications and web sites (such as SurveyMonkey and Kahoot) that will make teachers teach in a more lively and interactive way to engage students in the learning process. She also recommended online courses/platforms such as Coursera and Mooc for both teachers and students. “Most of them are free,” said Dr. Chiu, “and you can choose among the various courses, take them, and make the most of them!”