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International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)

International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)

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Program Overview

Feng Chia University (FCU) presented a proposal to the Ministry of Education with the objective of re-aligning business management education, integrating theories with practical application, and strengthening cooperative ties between the university and industry. The Ministry of Education appointed scholars and industry experts to set up an assessment criterion for evaluating the proposal. FCU passed the preliminary and secondary evaluations, and was granted approval from the Ministry of Education to establish the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program at the end of 2006. The program began to recruit students in 2007.

FCU is the only educational institution in Taichung that has acquired the approval of the Ministry of Education to establish a business management college. The university’s EMBA and MBA programs are intended for students with at least seven years of working experience and for fresh college graduates respectively. In contrast, the IMBA program is designed for people with at least two years of working experience.

Student admission is mainly through document examinations and interviews; for this reason, IMBA program highly welcomes both business and non-business major students. We hope the two years learning in IMBA program will bring you a brand-new future.

IMBA program strengthens industry-university cooperation and theoretical knowledge with practical operation courses combination via integrated course planning, faculty arrangement, and learning activities. In the meantime, IMBA program develops our students to extend a global perspective and foreign language communication ability in order to improve the competence in working place by English teaching, overseas visiting, and students exchanging.

FCU fully supports IMBA program through integrating all the faculty members in business and management areas from both College of Business and College of Finance. The integration brings together the specializations of professors from different fields, thus further corroborating teaching, and strengthening the cooperative ties between industry and the university. The program intends to develop students’ leadership skills, increase their competitiveness in the international business management field, and cultivate outstanding business professionals and managers.

Program Learning Goal

  • Develop international competitiveness:
    This goal will be attained by increasing international experiences and foreign language ability, emphasizing on job training and international certificates acquisition, and developing communication and leadership skills.

  • Emphasize the integration across business filed:
    The goal will be attained by establishing the frame of business and management profession, enlarging the integration of theory and practical experience, improving the ability on case study and problem solving.

  • Focus on the innovation of value:
    Continuous support is given to the potential perspective to encourage pioneer thinking and build up the capacity of innovation.

  • Establish the integrity of responsibility:
    IMBA program takes serious importance on professional integrity, morality enforcement, and social responsibility.

Program Requirement Downkload

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