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Management of Technology

Management of Technology

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Program Overview

As business success is more and more dependent on the effective development and management of technology, the need for well-trained professionals capable of integrating cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills encompassing science, engineering and management is rapidly increasing. The institute was established in 2004 and was officially authorized by the Ministry of Education to operate in August 2005.

In May 2005, 241 college graduates took the entrance examination administered by the institute and the top ten students who successfully passed both written and oral examinations were enrolled in the two-year MBA-MOT Program.

To achieve the obejctive of this program, each student is required to successfully demonstrate two developed specialties:

(1)Technology Management Specialty
The achievement of a research or industrial specialist level of expertise in any of the following recognized technology management topics, such as: innovation management, organizational change management, patent management, entrepreneurship and startup, and merger and acquisition.

(2)Industrial Technology Specialty
The achievement of a professional level of expertise in semiconductor/optoelectronics, precision machining, or any other emerging technology industries.

Feng Chia University's MBA in Management of Technology program (MBA-MOT) is differentiated from other existing MBA programs by its emphasis on preparing students to face the technological challenges of the 21st century. The program enhances traditional MBA courses with themes emphasizing innovation, change management, and entrepreneurship and startup. It provides students with balanced management theories and integrated practical management experience. The program objective is to prepare students for leadership in technological organizations where managing rapidly changing and emerging technologies are keys to success.

Program Learning Goal

  • Ability to conduct research independently.

  • Possessing specialized knowledge of management of technology.

  • Innovative thinking: Students are familiar with and able to analyze the specialized management of related techniques and possess the application ability in technology industry.

  • Ability to act ethically and confidently in team activities.

  • International perspectives: Enable students to absorb important information from international technology management and at least be familiar with one foreign language. (e.g. English or Japanese )

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