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Elite Internship Program

Elite Internship Program

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The College of Business,with the purpose of increasing students' job competitiveness and expanding their employment opportunities across business fields,assumed the job specialization program drafted by the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training and transformed it into the Elite Internship Program.The Elite Internship Program is an employment oriented program designed to improve teaching outcomes to match employment needs - allowing students to integrate business theories and practice,helping strengthen students' professional skills,and at the same time nurture industry needed talents.

The Elite Internship Program makes a continuous effort to refer to government agencies regarding human resource training and related strategies,cases,and measures.This effort helps in integrating talent shortage and in examining and revising course planning related to the development of heavily focused industries.Aside from these,the Program actively develops academe-industry collaborative enterprises,introducing industry instructors and arranging for the Elite Internship Program to provide students with internship opportunities during summer breaks; helping students improve their practical skills and expand their interdisciplinary expertise.

The Program has planned a "Notable Business Leaders' Forum",where the university's guidance counseling office provides a 3-hour training meeting on internship activities,a 6-hour talk on career attitude,as well as 10 sessions of notable business leaders' forum.These are intended to develop students' required skills,professionalism,and passion in the field of business management.

The College of Business has recognized that developing students' flexibility in interdisciplinary fields and increasing their international competitiveness are requisite trends;nonetheless,it has also designed an International Workplace English course.The International Workplace English course aims to improve the needed foreign language skills for international business communication;to help train students in their English listening,speaking,reading and writing skills;as well as to assists them in acquiring English language certification.These are all aimed to help students to become more competitive in the workplace.

PNPM was set up with the purpose of promoting human resource for Taiwanese nonprofits.Since RISE has a very good relation with one of the most powerful INGO-WOCCU (World Council of Credit Union),foreign students,especially the ones from Asian countries will be able to learn the core skills of the modern nonprofit governance.Skills on financial,human resource,organizational,voluntary,marketing networking and accounting management for non-for-profit will be enhanced. Within the Taiwanese milieu,foreign students can also learn to live and grow personally with the development and specialty of Taiwanese NPO.