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Program of Law and Economics

Program of Law and Economics

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Law and Economics is one of the most rapidly growing areas; however, there was very little interaction between economists and legal scholars, especially those who specialized in common law until the late 1960s and early 1970s. But now this situation has changed. Most American leading law schools have centers for the study of law and economics; they include Stanford, Chicago, Columbia, George Mason University, and other distinguished schools of law.


The central areas of the common law, such as property, contract, and tort law, created implicit prices that resulted to different behaviors and could, therefore, be analyzed using the tools of microeconomic theory. Indeed, the field combines the study of law and economics. PLE is an interdisciplinary program provided by the university, which mission is to develop and disseminate the economic analysis of law. It offers an opportunity for economics students to expand their knowledge on law.


Students who enroll in the program are required to take at least 23 course credits, which include 9 credits in the economics field, 11 credits in the law field, and 4 credits in the course of Law and Economics.