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Master Program of Quantitative Finance

Master Program of Quantitative Finance

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With the help of the internet,the finance industry has grown rapidly over the years,further digitization and automation has helped transform the structure of the market;thus traditional market form is unable to explain these changes anymore.

The financial market has placed a prominent position in the world economy,and seeing this phenomenon,Feng Chia University's Departments of Statistics,Finance,Economics,Applied Mathematics,and Public Finance formed together the Master Program of Quantitative Finance.

If masters' graduates want to remain competitive in the job market,they must have at least two specialized skills. The Master Program of Quantitative Finance is a cross-fields established to respond to the increasing need for quantitative knowledge in financial investment tools. The program emphasizes on developing finance professionals' mathematical,information technology, and economic analysis skills.

Graduates of this program not only fit ordinary careers in financial and engineering institutions,but they can also enter the financial derivatives job market. For students who wish to pursue advanced degrees,the program enhances their quantitative analysis abilities.

Teaching wise,the program enhances students' fundamental mathematics and statistics background as well as offer courses on financial management,econometrics,macroeconomics,futures and options;these courses are designed to increase students' knowledge on finance,economics,statistics,and information technology.Research wise,the establishment of the quantitative finance program can increase the interchange and collaboration of research between professors in this field and that of other fields.

Students of the Master Program of Quantitative Finance are required to finish a minimum of 12 credit units,which include 6 units of core courses,and 6 electives before a quantitative finance program certificate can be conferred. For more details on courses,please see the program regulation file.