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Program of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Program of Innovation Entrepreneurship

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Traditional business education in Taiwan has always emphasized on training professionals for careers in engineering and business; and this model has greatly helped Taiwan's economic development for a long time.

With the increasing speed of technological improvements, intense economic competition, and the era of multiple choices, UNESCO has declared that higher education institutions must be concerned with developing students’ entrepreneurship skills and students' initiative to help them find jobs easily after graduation, therefore making graduates not only job hunters, but more so job creators (WORLD DECLARATION ON HIGHER EDUCATION FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: VISION AND ACTION, UNESCO 1998).

Entrepreneurship education is becoming a new education method in business schools and is slowly being recognized. In 1978, Babson College established the first Entrepreneurship Research Center in the United States, leading the way to entrepreneurship education research and program development.

UNECSO has proposed a third education passport – entrepreneurship education succeeding the culture and knowledge certificate, and the career skills certificate in the "21st Century International Conference on Education"(November 1989).

While Mainland China has initiated an "Entrepreneurship Education Ground Plan" starting from April 2002, by selecting 9 pilot universities to implement this program and promoting entrepreneurship theory research and practice. In "The 2002-2007 Academic Years Education Revitalization Action Plan," entrepreneurship education was one of the most important tasks listed.

This program is designed to guide undergraduates to plan their future with care, specially those students who are interested in entrepreneurship. The program aims to guide them by fulfilling the needed entrepreneurship knowledge, establishing correct values perspective and judgment, enhance their communication skills, deepen their sense of honor and accomplishment, and help them become highly qualified talents with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.