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Mission Mission




There are two distinctive features of the Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law: one is the comprehensive approach to the study of financial and economic law; the other is the commitment in offering an international perspective on law to our students.

1. The comprehensive approach to the study of law has been developed at Feng Chia University for over 40 years. Our aim is integrate laws with other aspects of society. This institute not only strives to immerse students in financial and economic law training, but also adheres to the doctrine of legal ethics. In addition to studying legal judgments and statutes, students can expand their insights to examine the impact of financial, economic, social, and political changes on laws and consider how laws affect life beyond the court and law offices.


2. The institute is positioned as a professional law school for graduate students and aims to encourage faculty members and students to develop comparative and international perspectives on law. This approach is embodied in the courses. The aim of our courses is to cultivate students capable of meeting global competition, as well as becoming experts in both traditional and emerging laws, such as e-commerce and WTO-related laws. To complement this aim, this institute hires faculty members possessing diverse legal backgrounds and has extensive international research experience.