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History & Objectives

History & Objectives

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History & Objectives History & Objectives




Established in 2003, the institute has been developed into one of the most specialized academic institutes in financial and economic law in Taiwan (LL.M. Program). Since 2005, the institute has offered a graduate program for students with non-law majors (LL.M. Program for non-law majors). After 2010, we also provide evening programs.(Evening LL.M. Program).

The institute is under the College of Business and is the first graduate institute offering advanced law degrees in financial and economic law in central Taiwan. There are currently 8 full-time faculty members and approximately 80 students. Our teaching standards and research quality are outstanding and renowned. The faculty enjoys an excellent reputation as a strong research team and all faculty members are active researchers in their own areas of expertise.

To integrate law, economics and technology effectively, the institute owns abundant legal collections, electronic legal database banks (Westlaw/Lexis), Internet teaching facilities, multi-media laboratory, and study rooms. In addition to academic-oriented courses, the faculty offers several practical courses such as patent licensing, technology transfer training and e-learning for legal research. We also provide a legal practical training program via the FCU Legal Clinic Center. In the program, students are assigned to assist college students and faculty members in settling legal matters and to provide legal information to the community.