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The primary mission of the Department of Automatic Control Engineering is educational, providing the facilities and the studying environment for graduate and undergraduate education through research in the areas of biomedical, control, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies. A basic goal is to promote collaboration between corporate staff and their academic counterparts to produce professional, high-quality automatic control engineers that fulfill the needs of the industrial sector. The synergistic interplay of corporate and academic viewpoints provides the spark to develop new enterprise research and development tools, and fosters a deeper understanding of the technical culture that produces new products. Based on this concept, department facilities and resources are utilized to serve industry and government institutes. We also actively conduct research and teaching, and render services to maximize our contribution to students and the society at large.




The Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) was established in 1973. Two major fields, Measurement Technology and Automatic Control, under the IIE were the forerunners of the Department of Automatic Control Engineering. In 1974, to fulfill the needs of rapid economic and industrial development in Taiwan, the Department of Automatic Control Engineering was established to provide undergraduate training. In 1976, the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering was renamed from the Institute of Industrial Engineering and began to provide graduate study leading to the degree of Master of Science. Currently, there are 537 undergraduate students and 67 graduate students in the department.

Course duration

Undergraduate Degree Program: 4 years full-time

Master's Degree Program: 2 years full-time

Total Credits

Undergraduate Degree Program: 129 Credits

Required Courses: 93 Credits

Elective Courses: 36 Credits

Master's Degree Program: 28 Credits

Required Courses: 3 Credits (Excluding Master Thesis)

Elective Courses: 25 Credits

Start month

Spring Semester: February

Fall Semester: August


FCU College of Information and Electrical Engineering

Course contact


Telephone+886-4-24517250 ext.3901


Biomedical science Engineering Program, Control Engineering Program and Microelectromechanical systems engineering process.


IEET Accreditation