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History & Objectives

History & Objectives

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History & Objectives
Department of Land Management The Department of Land Management was established in 1983 to train professionals in land resource and real estate management, and to promote appropriate land use and planning. Over the past 22 years, we have admitted 120 students to the bachelor’s program annually. In response to the demand for advanced professionals, the department started the master’s program in 1991 and the executive master’s program in 1999. Our alumni and currently enrolled students number more than 3,000.
Students may apply for school-wide scholarships as well as scholarships reserved exclusively for students of our department. The latter includes:
1. Mr. Shieh Commemorative Scholarship: three recipients annually, each receiving NT$10,000.
2. China Land Reform Association of Mr.Shiew Scholarship: one recipient annually receiving NT$10,000.
3. Pan 's Land Resource Research Scholarship: one recipient annually receiving NT$10,000.
4.Chung Hsing Surveying Co. Ltd. Scholarships: two recipients annually, each receiving NT.10,000. These are reserved for the top two students .
5.Geographical information Systems Scholarship: six recipients per term, each receiving NT$2,500.
6. Landscape and Recreation Management Program Scholarship: four recipients per term, each receiving NT$2,500.
7.Real Estate Management Program Scholarship: four recipients per term, each receiving NT$2,500.

Further education
Students may pursue higher education at land policy research institutes, urban planning institutes, public policy management institutes, natural resource management institutes, tourism and recreation institutes, geographical research institutes, and business administration institutes.

Civil service
Via the civil service examination, students may enter government land policy and management departments, the Railway Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, or the national park system of the Ministry of the Interior.

Specialized certificates and qualification
Students may take exams to qualify for three specialized certificates: real estate appraiser, land registration agent (land administration agent ) and real estate broker .

Private enterprise
Students may find employment in the following fields: real estate, banking and credit, IT, geographical information, marketing, construction, investment, estate management, consulting and tourism and recreation, etc.