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Departmental Features

Departmental Features

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Each year, the Department admits 100 students coming from all corners of Taiwan and abroad. We pride ourselves in several aspects:

 1.The Department offers the students a small-size class learning environment, most    suitable for the training of advanced language skills. For example, it provides six    semesters of small-size writing classes of about 12 students, which is crucial to the intensive, comprehensive, and systematic training of a student’s writing skills.

2. Academic advisors are available to help students plan their career and select courses from three broad areas of studies: a) literature, b) linguistics/language teaching, c) interpretation-translation. Students who take at least four courses from one area of concentration will be issued a certificate which acknowledges their extensive training in that field.

3.In addition to the courses from these areas or instead of any of them, students may take applied-English courses in preparation for their future career.

4.In addition to the undergraduate degree offered in our Department, students may    choose to double major or minor in other subject areas such as International Trade, Marketing and so on.  They may also select other certificate programs, such as Chinese Language Teaching, Teacher Education, Mass Media, or E-Commerce.

Another attractive feature of our Department is E-learning. The Department offers    Information and Internet English and Computer-Assisted English Learning as required courses, as well as Multimedia Instructional Design as an elective. Multimedia classrooms and a Self-study Center are instrumental in the teaching of all courses, and they enable students to apply modern computer technology and to use Internet resources in language learning.