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FCU News - BIBA program attracts students from all over the world

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FCU News - BIBA program attracts students from all over the world FCU News - BIBA program attracts students from all over the world

BIBA program attracts students from all over the world

Exclusive interview with campus reporter Nai-ching Su

Due to the globalization trends in business, FCU established the Bachelor of International Business Administration Program (BIBA) in the 2008/2009 academic year. The core curriculum of this program is offered in English. Course integration is carried out using innovative models of business-related departments of overseas universities to cultivate international business talent. FCU is the first university in central Taiwan to offer an English-language program in International Business Administration.


As this program is taught in English, it has attracted many international students including Francisco Xavier Penaherrera from Ecuador, Chanthal Gabriela Salazar from Panama and Derek Martin Silkebaken from the U.S. All three of these students learned about FCU from a friend, and with the opening of the English-language BIBA program they felt that FCU was a good choice for meeting their study objectives.


Penaherrera, Salazar and Silkebaken all agree that they are very satisfied with their curriculum and with the learning environment at FCU. The university provides numerous resources and learning opportunities to supplement their coursework. Although the program is taught in English, they are studying Chinese as they believe that in the future international job market Chinese language proficiency will provide them with competitive advantage. Interacting with their classmates from Taiwan has allowed their Chinese proficiency to greatly improve.


All three say that they have adjusted to life in Taiwan very well. Penaherrera says that the students in his class are very friendly and don’t treat him as a foreigner or outsider. In addition, with the Feng Chia Commercial District just outside the university gates, he can find everything he needs, so he is really enjoying university life. Salazar is the youngest of the three. She notes that she has relatives in Taipei that she can visit and with more and more international students coming to FCU she can always find someone to talk to. There are already more than 10 students from Central and South America on campus so that she doesn’t feel homesick. Silkebaken says that he is very active in campus life. He has a great singing voice and recently earned third place in the university’s English song competition. He also participated in an international affairs symposium.


Penaherrera, Salazar and Silkebaken point out that the FCU BIBA program has many advantages. For example, there is an integrated specialized curriculum and opportunities to study abroad. Students spend eight months at a university overseas before their senior year, which allows them to broaden their international perspectives, to gain a better understanding of world trade and to increase their chances of landing their ideal job. This program is not only an excellent choice for Taiwanese students, but is also a beneficial learning experience for international students