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Master's Program & Course

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 Undergraduate Courses

The curriculum of the Department comprises five basic sections: 1.Basic Language Training Courses, 2.Literature Courses, 3.Linguistics/Language Teaching Courses, 4. Interpretation/Translation Courses, 5.Applied Language Courses. The courses offered are rhetoric and composition, oral training, British literature, American literature, European literature, linguistics, teaching English as a foreign language, second foreign languages, interpretation and translation, and film. In addition, the Department provides undergraduate students with such practical courses as English for International Trade, Business English Conversation, Journalistic Reading and Writing, English for International Affairs, etc.

The curriculum lays emphasis on the proper training of the students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills. Cultivation of western literature and language training are given equal emphasis, while the teaching of applied courses ensures that students keep competitive in the job market.


Graduate Courses


To respond to the interdisciplinary needs of the society to foster advanced humanists with broader visions, the Department established its graduate program of English studies aiming to provide generalist literature and TESL literacy to cope with the ever-changing society. The courses offered reflect this trend: Myth and Culture, Children’s Literature: Animation and Writing, Culture of World Theatres, Cross-/Intercultural Theatre/Storytelling Theatre, Ecopoetics, Partition Narratives, World Englishes and Glocalization Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Language Testing and Evaluation and others. We welcome students interested in the courses above to apply to our graduate program.

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