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Graduation outlet

Graduation outlet

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Degree EXamination 

Department of Land Management




1.To pursue further education both at home and abroad

Zhen tries on or enters for masters of this department in the class or signs up for the master of domestic and international departments of other schools class entrance examination, for instance: Ground policy research institute, the city plans the research institute, the building and research institute in urban and rural areas, public transaction management research institute, natural resource management research institute , tour undertaking and research institute of recreation industry , park and visiting resource research institute of the rest , geographical research institute , business administration research institute ,etc. this department will step out the regional range progressively in the future , will march toward the market globalized to develop.

2.Public office

Ground policy unit, the property management units of the relevant units of governments at all levels, enter the ground policy department via the public office examination, all county and municipal governments and ground government affairs place, the land management units of each central or local organ or the publicly-owned undertaking ,high Railway Bureau of Ministry of Communications , travel agency , national park administration office of Ministry of Internal Affairs , school affairs groups at all levels ,etc..

3.Specialized certificates and qualification 

In addition, the students of this department plan to obtain the examination qualification of three specialized certificates in accordance with this department course, namely real estate appraiser land register the professional agent (land administration person ) and real estate broker .

4.Individual enterprise

The employment field is distributed in all trades and professions, for instance: Ancient bronze mirror price company of the real estate , the bank credit reference, agency of the house , MRT company  , computer company of information, geographical information specialized company , marketing company of enterprise planning, reconstruction company, consultant firm of the project, such as manager's company of the building , investing advisor , real estate headhunter , real estate commission , estate management consultant company, the travelling area and recreation industry ,etc..