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Education Aims

Education Aims

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1.       Knowledge Impartation

To teach students can learn basic theories associated with land management and necessary professional skills in practice.

2.       Skills Training

To teach students on how to manipulate every necessary skill in practice includes data collection, maintenance and management, applies theory as well as compares the differences among different methods.  

3.       Ideas Innovation

To foster students has independent thinking, the capability of analyzing problems and can demonstrate professional skill combining each student’s idiosyncrasy.

4.       Viewpoints Presentation

To assist students can clearly express his ideas in different ways such as oral presentations, essays, reports, thesis, and seminars to demonstrate the qualified training skills in land management.  

5.       Teamwork Ethics

To foster students has good coordination skills and respects the importance of teamwork to further the effectualness of resolving problems in land management that needs collaborations across different expertise. 

6.       International Perspective

Let students have incentives to pursue lifelong learning by participating lectures, visiting foreign countries, being exchanging students to absorb new knowledge, which is crucial for students to catch up the new social trend.

7.       Sustainable care

To assist students have recognition of importance of sustainable development in national land and society, which leads students to contribute their effort in promoting and harmonizing among green environment, ecology and humanity.