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Credit Transfer Notice of BIBA, FCU

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Credit Transfer Notice of BIBA, FCU


1.       The Notice is according to “Credit Transfer Notice of FCU”.

2.       The “Credit Transfer” is based upon the BIBA professional courses, accredited to graduate credits by BIBA.

3.       The principles of professional courses credits transfer:

(1)  The courses in the first three years in junior college cannot be transferred.

(2)  The Mathematics for Business course in junior college cannot replace the Calculus course of this program.

(3)  If the TOEFL score is above 500 or IELTS score is above 4.0 band or Toeic score is above 650, plus the score of the transferred courses in the original school reaches 75, the English-lectured required courses can be transferred for a maximum 9 credits. But the business common required coursesincluding Management, Accounting(1)(2), Economics(1)(2), Calculus(1)(2), Statistics(1)(2), Introduction to Internet, Marketing Management, and Financial Management are not bound by.

(4)  Credits can be transferred as long as the names of courses are the same. If the courses’ names are different, proof from the original school including the name of course, textbook, course content, and signatures from the teacher or director should be provided before credits can be approved for transfer by program director.

(5)  Credits of elective courses cannot be transferred to credits of required courses.

(6)  Credits of required courses after student transfer can be assessed by program director for credit transfer.

4.       Credits of elective courses can be transferred, but the English proficiency courses (12 credits) cannot be transferred.

5.       (Delete)

6.       This Notice has been approved by the Program Council, following authorization by the school president.



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