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Order Number Title(Language) Unit
1. Application Form for Department Transfer(Chinese) Registration and Curriculum
2. Application Form for Suspension or Withdrawal from School Registration and Curriculum
3. Application for Credits Waiver(Chinese) R&C (My FCU Online System)
4. Curriculum Map (Chinese) R&C (Curriculum Map Online System)
5. Application Form for Elective Course Drop Prior or After Midterm Exam(Chinese) R&C (Add & Drop System)
6. Course Overload Request Form(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
7. Application Form for Thesis Advisor(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
8. Application Form for Changing Advisor(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
9. Application Form for Thesis Proposal Presentation(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
10. Application From for Master's Degree Qualifying Examination(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
11. Application Form for Replacing Class to Study the Required Courses(Chinese/English) Department of International Trade
12. iLearn(Chinese) Center for Teaching and Learning Resurce (iLearn Online System)
13. Privacy Policy Statement(English) Alumni Liaison and Job Placement Office
14. Authorization Letter for Graduation Procedures(English) Alumni Liaison and Job Placement Office
15. Overseas Course Selection and Record of Achievement Confirmation Form
16. Application for thesis